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About The Company

Marz Technology & Trading is a company doing computer repair, supply and sale as well as notebook computers and accessories to government bodies and non-governmental organizations, private companies and individuals. Our company consists of a number of skilled and qualified in their respective fields. We help our customers maximize productivity and environmental management with a fast computer, fast and secure with hardware-hardware and software and the latest.

Computer maintenance program is intended for all our client computers are at an optimum level to facilitate the management and administration with the computer. We also offer free support and advice. In addition, we also offer support files before we make maintenance of the computer.

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Here are the services we offer:

1) Computer Repair & Maintenance

* Ad Hoc Computer Maintenance
* Computer Service Maintenance (CSM)

2) Software Development
3) Web design & hosting
4) Bunting & Banner
5) Computer Rent
6) Wifi Hotspot System

Schedule Computer Maintenance

In order to ensure the condition of your computer is always in the best condition, we provide computer service to your company. For computer service, it depends on the computer problem because of every problem has a different way of doing it. It depends on whether its the repair, upgrade or provide computer and IT equipment. We provide a number of packages that can adopted by your company based on your company’s needs.

The Way We Work

We are total IT solution partner that focuses solely on businesses unique computing, networking and application needs. Serving hundreds of organizations across every major industry, the company helps it’s clients achieve their business leadership objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology systems.

Web Designing

We are Malaysia web design company with 10 years of experience to offer you the best in website design and web development services.

We assist business organizations to create and establish their product, services and corporate presence in the World Wide Web. Professional customized web design with strong marketing platform and brand awareness are key elements that we use to generate more business for your establishments. Working Web Wonders just for you.

Security Systems Implementation

Today it’s imperative that you give your business the protection it deserves. At MTT we provide you with protection suited to your business needs and requirements. We don’t just install CCTV and alarms but ensure that you get the maximum protection you deserve

You the customer is our priority at MTT. We use only the most advanced, tested and proven equipment in all our installations. Our CCTV and alarms are of superior quality and our skilled technicians know just how and where to install them to maximize your protection.


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Please fill in and submit the form below to subscribe to PRECIOUS INFORMATION regarding computer maintenance and networking. We consist of competent team to help our clients to get BEST CCTV AND DOOR ACCESS  for their premises.

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