About the Company


Marz Technology & Trading is a company doing computer repair, supply and sale as well as notebook computers and accessories to government bodies and non-governmental organizations, private companies and individuals. Our company consists of a number of skilled and qualified in their respective fields. We help our customers maximize productivity and environmental management with a fast computer, fast and secure with hardware-hardware and software and the latest.

Computer maintenance program is intended for all our client computers are at an optimum level to facilitate the management and administration with the computer. We also offer free support and advice. In addition, we also offer support files before we make maintenance of the computer.

With the vision of “your satisfaction, our mission”, we promise and guarantee quality of service for all hardware and services that we provide to all our customers satisfied and happy to perform daily tasks.

With the assistance from us, you do not have to worry about your computer. You just need to focus on daily tasks.


Our company has an important mission for all our customers. Mission: “Your satisfaction, our goal”


Our company’s vision is “To be servicing and suppliers of IT products for the best and largest in the whole of Malaysia”