Wifi Hotspot

Wifi Mesh Networking

Introducing the latest technology in the world of network mesh networking. It is a wireless network that is 100% not using a cable. If conventional forced to use wifi network cable connecting the switch to the network access point (AP), but with mesh networking, each AP requires no cables to connect.
By using this new concept, it can save the cost of cabling and network. Moreover, it is very suitable for use in a wide area and difficult to install cables. The system is also very easy to manage even without ICT skills.

Wifi Hotspot for Area or Limited

Our hotspot wifi system is suitable for installation in large areas or limited. Area is such as hotels, schools, colleges, universities, regions and other services. While the restricted area also is like cafes, canteens, restaurants, offices and others. But most of the hotel or resort management are still not aware of the these interests. This causes most of the visitors who come to stay need find alternative means to gain access to the internet. Although perhaps most visitors have broadband devices but there are still many the problem to gain access and access rate (network coverage) for broadband connection.

Generating Income with Wifi Hotspot

By using our wifi system, you too can make money part-time or full-time. With a low starting capital, you can earn up to RM10K per month.

What is important is that you just need to find a place or area suitable and strategic for business start your hotspot. Among the places that suit is including regions apartment or condominium that is occupied by single people, students or foreigners .. This is because they rarely register landline to connect to the internet because they usually will stay for a temporary period only. So, of course this group of people more likely to get an internet connection for a while.

The advantage of using this system :

  • Able to completely replace the existing Internet services.
  • Wifi and internet coverage of a wider lower cost
  • Small investment but long-term benefits are great.
  • Cost savings up to 50% of the LAN / Wifi common to large areas and difficult.
  • Make hotel, office area, recreation as a conducive place for meetings, seminars and courses.
  • Allows the user to use the internet with more comfort and privacy, particularly if it involved confidential documents and important.
  • Providing a safer internet service and comfortable where users can use their own computer.
  • Easily managed system where it does not require a high ICT skills.
  • This system can be integrated with IP CCTV camera system that enables security monitoring is done.
  • Makes every space more flexible because the internet can be accessed at anywhere.
  • Can generate additional income either in private or organization company. The cables installed where it is more economical than conventional wifi system. With wifi hotspot, it is easier for customers to get access to the internet either through the notebook, PC, iPod and other.