With our experienced, knowledgeable technicians and advanced Class 100 lab facilities, we ensure that your data recovery needs are solved promptly and efficiently. We guarantee that your experience with us is a pleasant one. Irrespective of types of storage media, operating system, data format and platform, we can recover your lost data under all extreme situations.

Whether it’s a hard drive recovery from a desktop or a laptop, CD, DVD, floppy disk, flash memory, or a even complex RAID server, we have the solution to recover the data.


How does Marz Computer charge on their data recovery services ?

When customers send in their media, our recovery engineer will conduct an evaluation or diagnosis on the damaged media and this is usually done on a first come first serve basis. This will normally be done within 2 working days upon recieving the media. If priority evaluation is required, we will put that particular task on top of our list and quotation will then be ready within 24 hours.

The price will be based on some of the variables listed below:
i)    Complexity and tediousness of media failure.
ii)   Hardware related (e.g. read-write head failure ) or logical damage (e.g due to virus or file system damage or corruption)
iii)  Type of operating system. (OS) (e.g. Windows, Unix, Max etc.)
iv)  Type of media be it 3.5” desktop (IDE or SCSI) or 2.5” laptop hard disk, flash memory card or USB, CD-R or DVD-R etc.
v)   Types of RAID array and its configuration whether RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5 or multiple level RAID, e.g 0 + 5.
vi)  Number of disks in the raid array.

Upon receiving our quotation, user will decide to proceed with the job or not. Once we are allowed to proceed with the job, and subsequently fail to recover the required data, customers only pay processing fees RM 90.00

If user decides to cancel the job then, a cancellation fee 30% of quotation + processing fees (RM 90.00) will be imposed. Please note that cancellation fee is not processing fee.

How are the procedures?
Follow these 4 simple steps when submitting your media:

1. Fill in the online data recovery request form and submit.

After your job submission, you may want to print out a copy of the request form for your future reference. You should also attach a copy of the request form or at least label the data media with all important details such as:

Name of User
Contact No.
Fax No.
Email Address
Correspondence Address

2. Deliver the items.

The media should then be wrapped in proper packaging before sending down through courier or dispatch company. You may also like to request for our Malaysia local dispatch service.

All parcels should be sent to:

Marz Technology & Trading
No 11, Jln SS15/4c, SS15,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

3. Evaluation Process

Upon receiving your media, we will perform evaluation and diagnose your data loss situation. A quotation will then be generated and sent to you via email or fax, normally within 3 working days. Once we have your approval for us to proceed, our engineers will commence the data recovery tasks immediately.

All hard drive to be sent must pay processing fees (not refundable) before our courier services collect your hard drive.

4. Its done and smile with your data.

We will inform you when the data recovered and you can come to collect your either using our FREE DVDR or bring your own external hard disk. Or you also can request for FREE delivery to your own place ( door-to-door services)-for Malaysia only. Outside Malaysia, service charges may occur.